Hold the NYPD Accountable!

How can we hold the police accountable when they abuse their power and target vulnerable people? By putting the power back into the hands of the affected communities.

This campaign is working to create an unbiased Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB) and an elected Independent Prosecutor who can enact discipline and justice for the communities they represent.


NYC's current Civilian Complaint Review Board isn't delivering accountability to the NYPD or justic to communities. Police are almost never held accountable by District Attorneys.

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NYC needs an Elected Civilian Review Board to give affected communities the power to hold police accountable.

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The moment for structural change is now.

Until the community has the power to hold police accountable, there will be no justice or peace.

How can we make an ECRB happen?

Legislation establishing an ECRB and Independent Prosecutor will be passed with a strong grassroots movement pushing politicians to act.

An ECRB and Independent Prosecutor are established by amending the NYC Charter - this is done with a bill or Charter referendum.

6 steps to passing this bill in NYC:

  1. The Campaign for an ECRB has drafted a bill with our Primary Sponsors, Council Member Charles Barron, Council Member Riley, and Council Member Kristin Richardson Jordan.

  2. The bill is introduced and given a bill number. *We are at this step. Primary sponsors will reintroduce the previous bill in the new session.

  3. The bill goes to Public Safety Committee, where there are hearings and proposed amendments before a vote is taken. Our bill must pass before it can be received by the entire City Council. We must ensure that it passes without losing our three tenets: elected, empowered, with an Independent Prosecutor.

  4. The bill will go to the entire City Council for hearings and debates. 2/3 of the City Council need to vote for the bill in order to pass and override the Mayor's veto.

  5. The bill then becomes a Referendum on the ballot for NYC voters to approve.

  6. Once New Yorkers pass the Referendum, elections for the members of the ECRB will be held at the next general election!

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