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Join the Campaign!

To get involved, send us an email at

What We Stand For

We are a coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to replacing New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board with an Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB).

We also seek an elected Special Prosecutor to replace the District Attorney in police violence cases. Our goal is to amend the NYC Charter with these reforms, either via the City Council, or Charter Revision Commission.

To get there, we work democratically and with participation and leadership from people most affected by police violence. We make decisions by majority vote, in meetings open to all who agree with the campaign’s goals.

Join the campaign!

Spread word in person or via social. Empower victims of police misconduct to tell their stories. Research, analyze and edit legislation. Or contribute design and media skills. If you’re in a group - get them to endorse the campaign!

Visit a meeting to learn more.

Our working groups

Members participate in working groups to focus efforts. Gathering between general meetings to organize, groups present their progress to the general body, with decisions made by a majority.


Help the campaign connect to allies city-wide and build our strength.


Put your media savvy to use by encouraging coverage of the campaign, its overall purpose and its benefits for the entire city.


Focus on organizing direct actions to pressure City Council Members and the Charter Revision Commission to pass this vital charter amendment. Spread campaign awareness and boost participation by focusing on communities most affected by police violence.


Raise money and awareness for the campaign. Via events, digital campaigns and more, help us get resources to grow.


Help draft an ECRB amendment by researching police reform and city and state law. We especially need lawyers and those with connections to legal organizations.